Gleanings for the Hungry

Australian farmers have an incredible opportunity to help some of the most vulnerable and impoverished communities in the world. BREAD AUSTRALIA are asking you to partner with us to feed the hungry who are struggling amidst the ongoing global food crisis. Your gifts of grain or money will be used by our Christian project partners in areas of great need to feed the hungry.

The outlook from the 2022 Global Report on Food Crises is grim for 2022, with close to 193 million people acutely food insecure and in need of urgent assistance across 53 countries/territories, and this is forecast to worsen.

We aim to work with Australian farming communities to bring hope and nutrition to the world’s most underprivileged communities. The main objective of the project will make use of the surplus wheat, grain and other food products, exporting them to food-insecure countries. BREAD Australia has now registered with the National Growers Register (NGR) to receive the gifted wheat and grain donations.

‘Leaving the Corners of your Fields’
In the Old Testament, God instructed His people not to reap to the very edges of their fields. These were to be left as gleanings for the hungry of the community. In Australia we might say ‘Leave the corners of your fields.’ Today we live in a ‘global village’ so our community is the whole world. Through BREAD AUSTRALIA you have the opportunity to share the “gleanings” of your fields with hungry communities around the world.

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