BREAD AUSTRALIA see the value and effectiveness of in-kind donations. In our experience, coordinated in-kind contributions will help your family, church, school and business entities to be directly and practically involved in humanitarian interventions.

In Australia, we generate a large amount of useable but superseded goods which are unwanted and ends up in landfills. These goods could be redistributed to communities in desperate need in war or in disaster-affected countries.

The health care industry, especially hospitals and retirement facilities, regularly upgrades and generates many useable but superseded medical equipment. These superseded goods can be redistributed to communities in need.

Examples of medical goods to be repurposed:
– Hospital Beds and Treatment Chairs
– Wheelchairs, Mobility and Walking Aids
– General Ward Equipment
– Physiotherapy and Exercise Tools
– Mobile Patient Lifters and Slings

Please consider donating goods that are in excellent and working condition. We aim to export culturally and climatically appropriate goods to support the needed communities. If the donated goods are deemed to be culturally and climatically inappropriate, BREAD AUSTRALIA will reserve the right to sell or donate the goods to other needy communities within Australia. Any proceeds from sales will be allocated to support freight and operational costs.

If you would like to know more about how you can donate your superseded goods, click here.