Businesses have gone through a tough time with the recent COVID outbreak in Australia. We are now starting to see the gradual ease of restrictions, but many countries are not as fortune and are still immensely suffering from the effects of the pandemic. Keeping with the tradition, your business may be preparing to give the holiday gift hampers for your customers and stakeholders. What if you or your company considered those who are still deeply struggling for their survival this season?

It is estimated that 10% of the world’s population live in severe poverty. In addition, the COVID pandemic has caused economic recession and further poverty. The UN estimates that 78% of the Lebanese population live below the poverty line, and nearly 40% of the population in Sri Lanka have lost their income – mainly due to COVID-19.

Now the cost of living is also rising as a result of collapsing economies. With communities facing financial hardships, many parents cannot afford to buy school supplied for their children, purchase hygiene products, or provide dinner for their families.

Would you consider extending your giving this season by donating a Christmas gift hamper to a family in need?

BREAD AUSTRALIA will send your Christmas gift hamper to families in Sri Lanka and Lebanon who are less fortunate. We would love to bless them during these hard times.

If you would like to donate, click here and type the quantity and category of hamper you would like to donate.